10 Ilusi Optikal Yang Anda Kena Lihat berkali-kali, barulah anda faham!

Lihat 10 ilusi optikal ini akan membuatkan anda kena tengok 2 kali barulah anda faham.

1. Mana satu atas, mana bawah.
4.) Which way is up?! This makes my head hurt.

2. Wanita terapung.
5.) I wish I knew what was going on here.

3. Baby tua.

7.) The oldest baby I've ever seen.

4. mana satu depan mana belakang

9.) I'm not sure I believe in reality anymore. What is going on here?

5. Wanita berkaki anjing

11.) Ah! It's a centaur girl cooking dinner.

6. Lelaki kenit

12.) He looks like the world's tiniest soccer player.

7. Lihat betul-betul
14.) Make sure to look twice at this one.
8. mana badan?

20.) Why is that guy holding a camel's head?! Oh right, optical illusion. Duh.

9. ini gambar real

10. Ini kapal..oh bukan.layang-layang rupanya.

29.) Watch out! The pirates are attacking. Or wait...nah never mind, it's just a kite.

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